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A fast and brutal top-down shooter, with a unique art-style, impactful and visceral combat, an arsenal of different weapons and a lot of bad guys between you and the top. Blast your way through a shopping mall filled with dudes in black suits who are trying to kill you, and make your way to the arcade. Survive and fight for your very existence in a cruel and unforgiving world.

Fast, bloody and challenging, Trust No One will push the player to their limits in a short-play, hyper-violent experience designed to elicit the balls-to-the-wall excitement of an 80’s action movie.


Keep your eyes out for staircases and when you arrive in the Arcade, why not have a game of Dance Dance Revolution to celebrate?


Alex Hockley - Design

Tom Lynn - Programming

Simon Nguyen - Sound

Purvesh Mehta - Sound

Darcy Wilson - Sound


TrustNoOne.zip 76 MB

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